Arco Nano Cell Filtrates Wellness Range

Arco Nano Cells utilizes ultra-filtration stem cell technology that revitalizes, regenerates, and offers anti-aging features for the body, available for men and women. This product offers what vitamins, minerals and other conventional treatments cannot provide. This product can provide the right components needed for injured or sick tissue to heal and regenerate.


Cell Therapy

Trigger Repairs & Regeneration

Low molecular weight of organic matter Nano cell filtrates are a prerequisite for absorption through mucosa or skin. Wellness success lies in the supply of molecules from various components that send messages to the control mechanisms of individual cells and the relationships between cells from various tissues and organs of the body. The main function of Nano Cell Filtrates is for substitution, triggering repairs, and regeneration where homologous molecules are needed.


Regeneration and Improvement

Arco Nano Cell Filtrates is a homologous molecule that triggers repair and regeneration of various cells, tissues or organs. The determining factor is the specificity of the organ of the molecular structure provided by nano filtrates. In addition to matter, the intrinsic electromagnetic components found in fetal organs and tissues play an important role in the effectiveness of Nano Filtrates.


Absorption – Transportation – Merger

For Wellness use, Nano Cell Filtrates is a nutritional supplement taken orally so that all cosmeseutical types are also Wellness. The body’s response to the application of Arco Nano Filtrates generally takes 3 to 4 weeks from the start until the response can be observed. The efficacy of Arco Nano Cells for repairs can be observed functionally and structurally after going through the absorption – transport – unification reaction chain. Arco Nano Cell Filtrates is free of additional chemicals. Unwanted side effects unknown.

1 Male Revitalization (Clickable) Whole Embryo, Thymus, Whole Brain, Testis
2 Female Revitalization (Clickable) Whole Embryo, Thymus, Whole Brain, Ovary
3 Diabetes Mellitus, Type 1 Liver, Placenta, Suprarenal
4 Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2 Liver, Pancreas, Stomach
5 Gout Kidney, Liver
6 Osteoarthritis Cartilage, Osseous Marrow
7 Asthma Lung, Thymus, Suprarenal
8 Impotence Testicle, Placenta
9 Immune Protector (Clickable) Thymus, Placenta
10 Lung Emphysema Lung, Placenta
11 Central Nervouse System Disease Total Cerebrum, Spinal Cord

How to Use Arco Nano Cell Wellness Range

Arco Nano Cell Filtrates are nutritional supplements taken orally. One Wellness cycle consists of oral intake of 30, 60 or 90 vials of a specific nano filtrates. The preparations are to be taken undiluted between meals. If possible swirl around the oral cavity for about 10 sec prior swallow.

(For incurable or more serious diseases we suggest to use BCRO Fetal Precursor Cell Transplantation or Live Cell Therapy)