Innovate Quality Health & Beauty Products

Arco Swiss International with offices in Singapore and Thailand was set up to innovate and market high quality health and beauty products globally.

We strive to provide the most effective, safe products and become a global leader in health, wellness and cosmetics industries.

Our History


Arco Swiss International partnered with Arcopharma S.A Laboratories in Geneva, Switzerland to market a premium dietary health supplement – Swissoats A3. Swissoats A3 is completely of natural vegetal extracts, manufactured in switzerland and clinical tested in North America, Europe and Singapore.


Arco Swiss International also in collaboration with bioDYNE Labs Inc. (USA). Pioneers in Pharmaceutical Research & Development custom formulated a Plant Placenta in Cosmeceutical Form. The newly formulated plant placenta is researched, developed and manufactured in USA under strict applicable specifications of the United States Pharmacopoeia National Formulary, is known as Arco PP Total Skin Rejuvenation.


Arco Swiss International also partnered with Laboratories Filorga, Arco Filorga Co, Ltd to distribute Filorga health and beauty products in Thailand


Arco Swiss International launch ‘PP Total Skin Rejuvenation’ in oral form known as ‘Oral PP’ or ‘PPO’


With a joint collaboration and strategy alliance with Bio-Cellular Research Organization, we launched BCRO Individualized Stem Cell Therapy treatment in South East Asia and also Arco NANO Cell Filtrates.