Arco Nano Cell Filtrates Cosmeceutical Range

Arco Nano Cells for Skin, Placenta and Mesenchyma have recovery features that regenerate and prevent aging of your skin and body. They are very advanced by utilizing the core cell ultra filtrate technology and available for men and women. This can be used as cosmetics topically applied or consumed as nutritional supplements. This can provide the right components needed for injured or sick tissue to heal and regenerate. For Kosmeseutical use, NanoCell Filtrates with a diametrical size of 3 nanometers and a molecular weight of less than 10 kDa can easily penetrate the skin’s pore size between 50 nanometers to 100 nanometers on average.



The Unique Aesthetic Solution to provide excellent skin revitalization and rejuvenation function

Skin-Placenta-Mesenchyme-Fetal-Total Ultrafiltrates

Nano Size-Low Molecular Weight
Advance Filtration Technology-Helps Preserve Integrity
Non Pathogenic-Pure Cell Extracts
Optimal Purity-Effectiveness of Active Ingredients

Manufacture Under Stringent GMP and HACCP in The EU. Free of Chemical Additive, Undesirable Side-Effects are Not Know

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Moisturizer and Pigmentation

Collagen and elastin are important aesthetic components found naturally in the dermis, functioning to improve the structure of the basic skin, elasticity and texture and the skin’s natural ability to retain moisture. NanoCell Filtrates for the skin can be effectively absorbed into the skin layer for renewal of collagen and elastin so that moisture is maintained.

Skin pigmentation disorders affect your skin tone. Skin color comes from a pigment called melanin. Special cells in the skin make melanin. If these cells become damaged or unhealthy, it will affect the production of melanin. When applied topically to areas of pigmentation disorders, Nano cell Filtrates for the skin can regulate and normalize cases of pigmentation abnormalities.


Lift and Tighten

Mesenchyma has the ability to regenerate connective tissue by functioning as a local bioactive biocator, thus stimulating the effect of skin tightening, improving loose skin and reducing stretch marks. Nano Cell Filtrates for Mesenchymes are an alternative to natural lifting and tightening of the skin, and when applied to wrinkles, areas of deep skin or eye bags, Nano Cell Filtrates can effectively repair the hollow dermis layer, adding new skin density to make it tighter and look more young.


Regeneration and Revitalization

Nano Cell Filtrates from the Placenta have an extraordinary regenerative capacity to provide the right components needed for injured or sick tissue to heal and regenerate. Nano Cell Filtrates will spread to the inner layers of the dermis and hypodermis to produce effective epithelialization and cell renewal, thereby increasing wound healing. With growth factors, interleukins and other important nutrients, nano-sized Placenta Cell Filtrates can induce anti-inflammatory effects on wounds and simultaneously stimulate accelerated local blood circulation for rapid healing.

How to Use Arco Nano Cell Cosmeceutical Range

Arco Nano Cell Filtrates for cosmetics must be applied to intact skin with the help of gauze. When applied to skin lesions, NANO Cell Filtrates suspension must be diluted with a salt solution with a ratio of 1:5. The gauze soaked in the solution must be placed in the skin lesion and kept moist for 30 minutes. As an alternative, users can only press a clean face with gauze or spray for quick use.